About Bluecube

Bluecube Creative Ltd is a full service creative design agency first established in Milton Keynes back in 2002. We have worked in partnership with both SME’s and local start-ups within the city and surrounding areas, as well as achieving successful relationships with companies within the UK, Europe and the USA.

Bluecube is a privately owned company, partnered by two highly experienced designers with over 35 years of commercial experience between them, they work alongside a team of highly motivated creative professionals, who strive in delivering successful creative solutions that add real value to clients businesses and their brands.

At Bluecube we believe we are a rare breed of agency, one that understands the true commercial value of successful design communications and the tangible benefits it adds to our clients businesses which in turn creates emotional attachments to their brands. 

It’s through this vision we believe we can bring a fresh perspective to our clients – offering a balance of commercial realism, provocative design solutions and a true commitment to delivering measurable results.

We have an unwavering track record for building working relationships with local companies within both B2B and B2C sectors, and are proud to say we have worked with many Blue Chip brands as well as local companies over the past 12 years.



We understand that every client has a different set of objectives and a different measure to what success looks like. But, it all starts the same way… 

We believe it all starts with “Smart Thinking” and if we are to be defined, then define us on the quality of our work, our unwaverin track record on delivering effective solutions on time and within budget, and our ability to ensure we make a real tangible difference to our clients businesses.

The solutions are varied: branding, design, print, exhibitions, digital and photography, and our commercial experience is wide, but the solution isn’t just about making our designs look good, it is the key to providing you with design solutions that clearly communicate messages in a visually appealing way… that can be successfully integrated to every brand touch point - from stationary to billboards, from signage to uniforms.

Best practice shows us that working in partnership with our clients and having a full understanding of their objectives helps us shape strategy, which is at the foundation of everything we do. We strive to learn about you and your business, by thoroughly researching the industry, the competition and the opportunity, before we start creating innovative design that delivers.

The output is innovation, solid concepts and sound strategies that work. We communicate these to your target audience highlighting what makes you unique, showcasing your advantages and helping influence decisions by creating credibility, trust and value.


Vision & Values

Simply put, we’re an end-to-end creative agency that work in collaboration with our clients, from strategic marketing to creative solutions. We have a wealth of knowledge and understanding that helps us support, engage and deliver effective communications that are of the highest quality.

Our aim is to always work in partnership with our clients, to be part of the ‘team’ rather than an external agency; as its only by understanding your business that we can then develop creative solutions that reflect your organisations goals and help you drive real change to your business, and how businesses perceive you.

We believe, that your word is our reputation, and we will agree with you at the outset exactly what success looks like to you. To do that we’ll work with you; often acting as an extension to your company to improve the way you communicate with your clients, customers and staff across all platforms.

We are a diverse team, who are driven by innovation and a love of creativity, and our ability to be flexible across all projects, big or small, sets us apart, but its our approach to understanding our clients requirements, building partnerships with them, and ultimately being transparent in all we do, that ensures we deliver successful communications that create change in the way people think about you, your business and ultimately your brand.

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Our ability to be flexible across all projects, big or small, sets us apart, but it's our approach to understanding your requirements that will ultimately give your business the competitive edge.
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